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Colby Agostinelli, LMFT, CST


Currently offering:

- Clinical consultation for other clinicians

- Letters for top surgery 

Who I Am

Knowing the importance of the therapeutic relationship also means knowing the importance of what each person, whether therapist, facilitator, or supervisor, brings to the space, and what they don't. I am white, non-binary, queer, kinky, neurodivergent, and a former sex worker.

Outside of my time doing therapy, supervising, and training, I enjoy dancing, gardening, home projects, reading (or trying to), comedy, crime dramas, traveling, nerding out over planning and spreadsheets, and hanging out with my two senior dogs - a foxhound named Russell & a Cattle Dog named Bronco.​ I'm equally passionate about sexual freedom, challenging oppressive systems, and queering up the world around me in and out of my role as a therapist.

What I Do

I believe we are our best when we have strong, empowered relationships with ourselves and others and therapy is no exception. I lean towards a casual, relational yet assertive and steady presence and will challenge you while holding a warm and encouraging space for you to explore and process. You can expect me to make you laugh, curse, and be very human and honest with you in session. I might even be sarcastic or reference something I learned from TikTok. 


My training is rooted in systems theory and queer, feminist theory which allows me to critically examine the various systems we all exist within rather than focus on any particular symptom or issue. I am a huge family therapy nerd and feel most influenced by models such as Experiential, Structural, Bowen Family Systems, and Internal Family Systems. 


I truly enjoy working with folks from all walks of life, and especially with couples and relationships of non traditional structures. I love guiding folks through transitions whether that be sexuality, gender, non monogamy, and exploring or processing kink dynamics.

Clinical Trainings

Currently offering customized workshop to therapists and other clinical disciplines looking to expand their skills and knowledge on the following topics:

- Couples Therapy

- Sex Therapy

- Kink/BDSM

- Polyamory/Non-Monogamy

- Gender Affirming Care

I work with


Relational partners


Adult Families





Sex Work

Fat Liberation




Master of Family Therapy, Concentration in Sex Therapy, Thomas Jefferson University


Licensed Couples & Family Therapist


AASECT Certified Sex Therapist


AAMFT Approved Supervisor



Communications Chair, Board of Directors, American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, & Therapists (AASECT)


Adjunct Instructor, La Salle University

Adjunct Instructor, University of Penn


Languages spoken


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