Relationship & Sex Therapist

Pronouns: She/Her & They/Them

I believe that finding the best therapist for you is the crucial first step on the journey of growth and self-exploration. I use an eclectic treatment approach to best match your needs and honor your therapy goals. I incorporate humor, narrative therapy, systemic thinking, and social justice in my approach. Building a therapeutic relationship is extremely important to me as I believe that a strong client-therapist connection facilitates the best work. I consider myself to be a warm, empathetic therapist who is both gentle and assertive. I am systemically trained which means I look at the bigger picture and the various systems we all exist within, regardless of the issue. I am queer competent, gender-affirming, pro-sex work, fat-positive, kink-aware, and well-versed in non-monogamy. Overall, I believe judgment has no place in therapy. 

When I'm not in the office or taking the dogs on adventures, I enjoy taking dance classes, gardening, home projects, reading, listening to podcasts, watching Netflix, and most of all, traveling!


100 S Broad Street
Suite 834
Philadelphia, PA 19110

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