Colby Agostinelli, LMFT, CST


Licensed Couples & Family Therapist

AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

AAMFT Approved Supervisor Candidate

Currently offering clinical trainings on Sex Therapy, Kink, Polyamory, & more

Not accepting new clients or supervisees at this time

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Work With Me

Feeling connected with your therapist is the crucial first step on the journey of self-exploration. I use an eclectic approach to best match your needs and honor your goals. I lean towards a casual, relational yet assertive, and steady presence in the room (or shall I say, on zoom). I'll challenge you while holding a warm and encouraging space for you to explore and process. Building a therapeutic relationship is extremely important to me as I believe we are our best selves when we have strong relationships. I am systemically trained which really just means I look at the bigger picture and the various systems we all exist within rather than focus on any particular symptom or issue. I utilize a variety of models/theories such as Narrative, Structural, Bowen Family Systems, and Feminist Theory.


I'm queer competent, gender-affirming, pro-sex work, fat-positive, and polyamory & kink knowledgeable. My social locators are white, non-binary, queer, small fat, non-monogamy leaning, kinky, and a "retired" sex worker. Frankly, judgment has no place in therapy and I am here to welcome and support you with open arms. 

About Me

When I'm not in the office I enjoy dancing, gardening, home projects, reading (or trying to), listening to podcasts, comedy, crime dramas, traveling, and hanging out with my wife and two dogs!​ I'm equally passionate about sexual freedom, fighting injustice, and queering up the world around me even when I'm outside of my role as a therapist.