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Dominic Mangino, MS


Not accepting new individual or relational clients.

Currently enrolling for group therapy for partners of those experiencing sexual pain. If interested, please complete this interest form

Who I Am

I am a white, queer, non-monogamous, kinky, areligious cis man. Our unique experiences and identities greatly influence how we relate to one another and how we come to understand ourselves. As someone who has found relief and refuge in therapy since my teens, I am honored to provide that space to those I work with.


Outside of the office, I enjoy spending time outdoors with friends by hiking, walking through the city, or trying a new restaurant. I am a nerd through and through, as I spend a lot of my personal time playing video games, tabletop RPG’s, reading sci-fi/fantasy novels, and watching anime. One of hobbies I have recently picked back up is drawing and I am finding a lot of joy in sketching and creating digital art. I also play the saxophone and find joy in finding music to listen to that matches the season I am currently in. 

What I Do

My aim is to help you center yourself in your individual and relational healing as we develop the tools to process through difficult feelings, thoughts, emotions, experiences, etc. My clinical practice ties in elements of cognitive behavioral, relational, and trauma-informed modalities, with a focus on topics related to anxiety, depression, and relationships. Our lives are busy and complex and it becomes easy to fall into patterns and systems that do not serve us. I aim to help you identify and dismantle those through reflection and inquiry.


As a therapist I am inquisitive, honest, and casual in my communication. Exploring new perspectives and challenging thought processes allows for establishing a foundation to support healthier relationships with ourselves and others. Through a collaborative approach, I will work with you to create a space to explore yourself further. I come to this space authentically and honestly and will not shy away from showing my emotions as you show yours. A focal point of the work I do is to highlight vulnerability and honest communication as the crux of any relationship. One of the phrases I have repeated to folks throughout the years is, “you can only meet someone as far as they’ve met themselves.” I truly believe that growth is a nonlinear process and it requires intentional effort to “meet yourself” every step of the way. If you have found this page, you have already taken the first step towards doing that work and I aim to support you as you continue on that path. 


I am committed to liberation focused therapy, especially as it pertains to sex and sexual relationships. We are ever-changing beings with the capacity for multitudes and that is especially true in our sexual relationships. In therapy I address the complexity and beauty of spectrums and their intersectionality as they pertain to you. I find immense value in working with folks that are sex workers, exploring their gender and sexual identities, people contemplating different relationship dynamics such as non monogamy, and people struggling with the intersection of religion and sex. These spectrums and how we identify are fluid, meaning that they can and will change over time, even if only a little. As you grow and change I will support you through that growth by addressing how your race, gender, sexual, and relational identities interact with world around you.


I work with



Relational Partners




Sexual Empowerment

Mismatched Sexual Desire

Pelvic Pain 



*reduced fee spots currently full


Post Graduate Certificate in Sex Therapy, Council for Relationships 

Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, Loyola University Maryland


Languages spoken


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