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Kacia Ng, M.Ed


I have limited daytime availability for new clients. If you think we would be a good fit, please email me!

Who I Am

Hi! I’m Kacia (pronounced Kay’-sha). My style as a therapist is gentle, egalitarian, intuitive, and heart-led. 

I identify as first-generation Asian-American, cis-hetero, areligious, currently non-disabled, and lower middle-class. I’m also sex-positive, queer/gender/TGNC-affirming, polyamory and kink/BDSM affirming, and pro-SW.


I love talking about talking. Communication is my favorite thing and I really enjoy working with people to build their capacity for communicative magic.

I believe in science AND I believe in the mysterious and inexplicable dynamism of our psyches and souls.


I’m a dancer, a beauty seeker, and a listener on a lifelong quest to see the unseen. 

What I Do

My hope is that therapy can support you in finding increased capacity for connection, choice, and clarity. 

A relationship with a therapist is an important place to practice vulnerability and honest feedback in a relationship – it’s like a training ground to foster greater connection and authenticity in all of our relationships.

As we work with a therapist to develop an intentional awareness about what’s happening with our insides, it can become easier to make decisions about what’s happening on our outsides – in the space between reaction and response, we can begin to make choices about the way we interact with the world.

And as we start to shine a light on what’s happening inside us, we can develop a clarity about ourselves by asking questions like: What do we like? What do we want? Who are we now, and who do we want to be? 

I truly believe therapy is a kind of magic. It’s an opportunity to see ourselves through the eyes of someone whose only motivation is a desire to support us in knowing ourselves with compassion and clarity. But it is also a process that requires your participation, willingness, and engagement. You are the world’s best expert on you; we (you and me) can’t do this work without you.

I practice with a commitment to the dignity of all people. Your personal history is as important as the historical contexts that inform the systems we live in. I’m here to challenge the norms put on us by society. I carefully calibrate the pace at which we move, and I always prioritize your choice and autonomy in the process of therapy. This is another way of saying that I work from a Trauma-Informed and Feminist orientation.


To support the discovery of new angles, I might ask you to re-imagine your experiences with a new lens. (Narrative Therapy)

I believe the past is ripe for insight and I believe in nurturing all of our selves, past present, and future. (Psychodynamic Theory)

Life is hard to do alone. I’m on the side of self-love AND I believe our communities and relationships offer a unique opportunity to grow and know ourselves. Every relationship – including the one you and I might start together – is a new laboratory for healing and exploration, and every relationship holds answers to the mysteries in our selves. (Relational/Attachment Theory)

I believe your body is experiencing as much as your brain and your heart. That means we might spend some time talking about how we might understand and work with the physical sensations you experience. (Somatic Therapy)

I work with

Adult Individuals





Soul-searching & Spirituality





Relational issues




Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology, Temple University


Bachelor of Arts in Communication, The George Washington University


Internal Family Systems Comprehensive Course, IFSCA Stepping Stones, Currently Enrolled


Languages spoken


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