Lauren Scangarella, M.Ed.


Accepting new clients! Offering virtual sessions to residents of PA

Who I Am

I am white, fat, queer, kinky, agnostic, disabled, and neurodivergent. In my free time I love crafting, dancing, reading spicy books, playing games, cooking, watching reality TV, picnicking in parks, and hanging out with my partner and two cats. 


My graduate training focused on cultural humility as a main cornerstone as well as an understanding of systemic issues at play such as white supremacy, ableism, patriarchy, colonization and capitalism that impact each of us at various levels. I engage in ongoing work to familiarize myself with different cultural and social experiences and challenges relevant to these identities, and to better examine possible places of unconscious bias.

What I Do

I believe healing happens when we can shed light on the darkest spaces in our mind and be received with compassion. My style is integrative, mindful and rooted in social justice. I believe you are the expert on your own life. I utilize a systemic, person centered approach that is trauma informed. I believe in transparency in the therapy process, deciding together what approaches could work best for you and adjusting them as needed. I will show up calm and open minded,  listen with empathy, and may add in a bit of humor when appropriate.

Experience with family, sexual health, cultural identities, and socio-economic systems have a great impact on our lives, how we show up in relation to others, and plays a significant role in the work we'll do together. I know it can be uncomfortable to talk about sex and I'm here to work with you on that at your own pace. Healthy relationships with our family, friends, and support systems including therapy inform our ability to cope, process, and grow. 

I support people dealing with depression, anxiety, relational distress, chronic illness, and sexual concerns. I am invested in working with people of many relationship models and social identities including polyamorous/non-monogamous, trans and nonbinary, Black, Indigenous, and people of color, fat, disabled, neurodivergent, and sex workers. I particularly enjoy working with lesbian and non-binary couples. 


My personal insights as a queer, neurodivergent, fat, disabled person working on my own mental health and internalized biases inform my work and how I relate to those I work with. While I am agnostic myself, I enjoy holding space for spiritual experiences in session and how this can help folks learn more about themselves. 

I work with

Adults Individuals





Sexuality & Gender


Family Trauma

Fat Liberation

Disability/Chronic Illness




Masters of Education in Counseling Psychology, Temple University 

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology,

New York University


Languages spoken