Lauren Scangarella


Intern Therapist

Counseling Student at Temple University

Not currently accepting new clients

Fee: $50-$70

Therapy With Me

Between enduring a pandemic, human rights violations, and job/financial strains added onto what is ongoing in our personal lives, this has been a time of high stress. Therapy is a wonderful tool for dealing with stressors we face regularly. I would like to be a support to people dealing with depression, anxiety, and overall distress. We can work together to explore the issues you are facing and how we can best approach them together. Healthy relationships with our family, friends, and support systems throughout our lives inform our ability to cope, process, and can help us grow. Therapy can be an essential part of your support network. I will work to create a safe space by listening with empathy and working with you on issues without judgment. Our cultural identities and socio-economic systems have a great impact on our lives and play a significant role in our mental health. I am enthusiastic about working with people in all kinds of relationship structures, sex workers, people of all sizes, and people of all races, genders, and sexual identities. I am studying counseling psychology at Temple University with a focus on mental health counseling, which includes training in cultural competence. My therapeutic style is person-centered, social justice oriented, and integrative.