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Louise Helferty, MFT


I am accepting new clients for virtual & in Person sessions!

Who I Am

I am a biracial, queer, cis woman. I am ex-religious, 

a recent U.S immigrant and live with an invisible chronic illness.


Having lived and worked across several continents I am fascinated by the often complex relationships we have with home, belonging and connection. I care deeply about cultural humility and taking a curious stance vis a vis my clients. I see therapy as a tool for the creation of a world where people are seen, honored and cherished for their authentic and multifaceted selves.  


Outside of work I’m usually spending time in nature by walking, running, riding my bike or cold water plunging. I recharge by dancing awkwardly, reading poetry, planning my next adventure and spending quality time with the people I love.

What I Do

I am deeply passionate about the human experience. I believe that the power of therapy is driven by the forging of a genuine connection between client and therapist, and that healing happens in collaboration. 


My style is active, compassionate and direct. I work primarily from an (intersectional) feminist, contextual approach. I am devoted to relational justice in the therapy room (between client(s) and I), and in clients’ relationships with their partners, families and communities. I also believe that the ways in which we are socialized has a profound impact on how we show up in the world and our relationships with others. Change and growth are often rooted in understanding and unpacking that process. 


In my relational work, I take a holistic, integrated approach. I lean on structured and experiential interventions, and psychoeducation to promote mutual understanding and robust conflict navigation skills. I aim to help clients create relational equity where each person can feel heard, understood and known. Rooted in the belief that intimacy is an integral part of relationships (with ourselves and others,) I am committed to creating an affirming and supportive space of those connections whether that is sex positive or sex neutral. 


Informed by my own identities as a queer, biracial immigrant I am particularly passionate about working with historically marginalized clients, such as LGBTQIA+ folks, and those navigating wider racial and cultural identity issues.

I offer collaborative, trauma-informed care rooted in honoring client autonomy and prioritizing safety and connection. This means taking a client led approach in navigating notions of resilience, struggle and survival. It also means holding an awareness of the connection between intersectionality, oppression, marginalization and trauma.

I work with




Queer & trans youth (9+)


High conflict


Queer identity

Blended/non-traditional families 

Cross-cultural relationships

Interracial relationships 



*Reduced fee spots available


Master of Family Therapy, Purdue University 

Master of Laws in International Relations, Peking University  


Master of Philosophy in Development Studies, University of Cambridge


Languages spoken


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