Lulu Duffy-Tumasz

Lulu Duffy-Tumasz, LSW


Accepting new clients in July!

Who I Am

I am queer, non-binary, trans feminine, white, and was born and raised in Philadelphia. I have 10 years of experience in community mental health, LGBTQ services, harm reduction, and immersed in mutual aid efforts and political struggle. I’m passionate about issues related to the bodily autonomy of sex workers, trans and gender non-conforming people, and those who use drugs and have spoken and presented on related issues at the National Harm Reduction Conference and throughout Philadelphia. I also am a playwright, and love discussing creative pursuits and projects. I enjoy memes, geeking out on theory and art, being in nature, and am a huge Sixers and Eagles fan.

What I Do

My clinical, organizing, and personal experiences have shown me time and again that personal change of any form occurs best through relationships based on trust, compassion, and a common purpose. Relationships where you are encouraged to say what’s on your mind, take risks, gain new insights, and be challenged while not feeling judged. In our sessions together, I will focus intently on honoring and centering your autonomy as we co-create a therapeutic space for you to work towards your self-determined goals for therapy. My intention is not to teach you the “correct” way to live but to learn what already works for you and help create a space for you to explore yourself further. 


My clinical practice is informed by psychodynamic, relational, trauma-informed, and experiential modalities, with a focus on topics surrounding relationships, sexuality, gender identity, and substance use. I am also deeply informed by harm reduction, feminist, post-colonial, and queer theory, and histories of direct struggle against oppression. These practices allow us to contextualize your lived experience in our society and culture. In session, I listen attentively while encouraging you to dive deeper into what feelings, thoughts, and past experiences underlie. I’ve learned to embrace the absurdity and ambiguity of life and its hardships through humor and leaning into awkwardness; this is an ever present part of my style. 


I specialize in working with: those who have experienced trauma, current or former sex workers, people who use drugs and alcohol, and queer and trans people as well as others exploring their gender and sexuality. I also enjoy working with people who experience anxiety and compulsions, understand themselves as neurodivergent, and those who are unsure or skeptical of mental health providers and psychotherapy. I am polyamory and kink knowledgeable, fat positive, and competent and experienced on issues related to gender-affirming care.

I work with


Teens (12+) 






Queer & Trans People

Sex Workers

Substance Use

Harm Reduction


Anxiety & OCD



Sliding scale available for QTBIPOC and sex workers


Master of Social Service (MSW Equivalent); Clinical Concentration, Bryn Mawr College


Languages spoken