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Nnenna Ezem, MS.Ed


I am no longer accepting new clients as I will be completing my internship in May. Check back in the Spring if you are interested in potentially working together! 

*I am COVID conscious and continue to take personal precautions in the space we share including N95 masks and HEPA air filtration. Clients are required to mask for in person sessions. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, and I am excited to welcome you both in-person and virtually! *

Who I Am

Welcome! My name is Nnenna Ezem (pronounced similarly to “henna”), and I am a dark-skinned, Black cis woman who is ever questioning and curious about my attractions and desires. Along with being currently able-bodied and neurodivergent, I am also a first-generation American and the child of lower-income Nigerian immigrants; these are some of my most impactful relational lenses. I am body-neutral, sex-positive, queer and gender-affirming and polyamory/kink/BDSM-affirming. Identity, desire, and lived experiences are crucial places of exploration and respect, and I am committed to continuously learning and affirming the myriad ways we experience the world and each other, both personally and professionally.


If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be “curious”! I enjoy the questions we do not have clear answers to and appreciate any opportunity for conversation and discovery. I love my plant babies,– my house is pretty much a greenhouse– and I love [connecting through] music; so, you will also find me co-teaching my Afro-Caribbean movement class. And, if you happened to look through my camera roll, you’d immediately notice my fixation with experiencing and capturing the sunrise in every new place I visit! I am constantly reminded of the importance of community, that each of us is worthy simply because we exist, and hopeful that a world in which we are all cared for is possible.

What I Do

The way we experience ourselves, our bodies, each other, and the world is different; I am excited to explore those differences together and provide non-judgmental space that moves away from fear and shame and toward radical [self] acceptance and healing. Utilizing Internal Family Systems and person-centered frameworks, I look forward to working with folks navigating complex or non-traditional relationships with family, friends, partners, and/or themselves and nurture healthier, more honest and trusting relationships, both with self and others.


There is merit to being constantly curious about ourselves and the world around us. Through our journey together, the main goal is not necessarily arriving at a destination of ultimate “knowing”, but instead being open to and comfortable with constant reintroductions— to yourself, others, the world, and your many parts— as you learn, unlearn, and change. I hold a deep appreciation for the act of storytelling and believe in the healing power of sharing our stories and having them held and witnessed in ways that are meaningful for us. I can also acknowledge how scary it can be to share these parts of ourselves. I am honored to hold space and navigate any discomfort together, and I am so glad you’re here. 

I work with


Relational partners




Identity-Based Trauma

Relational Issues

Consensual Non-Monogamy

Self-Exploration & Empowerment

Complex Family Dynamics



*Reduced fees available* 


Master of Philosophy in Education – Professional Counseling, University of Pennsylvania (Expected completion 2024)


Master of Science in Education – Counseling and Mental Health Services, University of Pennsylvania


Languages spoken


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