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I believe that finding the best therapist for you is the crucial first step on the journey of growth and self-exploration. I use an eclectic treatment approach to best match your needs and honor your therapy goals. I incorporate humor, narrative therapy, systemic thinking, and social justice in my approach. Building a therapeutic relationship is extremely important to me as I believe that a strong client-therapist connection facilitates the best work. I consider myself to be a warm, empathetic therapist who is both gentle and assertive. I am systemically trained which means I look at the bigger picture and the various systems we all exist within, regardless of the issue. I am queer competent, gender-affirming, pro-sex work, fat-positive, and polyamory & kink knowledgeable. Overall, judgment has no place in therapy. You are the expert of your own life. 

When I'm not in the office or taking the dogs on adventures, I enjoy taking dance classes, gardening, home projects, reading, listening to podcasts, watching Netflix, and most of all, traveling!

Colby is currently offering supervision and case consultation only.

Fee: $150




Individual, Relational, & Sex Therapist

Sexual and relational wellness is a healthy part of human existence and you deserve to feel confident in these areas of your life. I enjoy working with individuals and couples on a variety of issues, specifically those who are struggling in their sexual and romantic relationships. I am also experienced in working with sexual assault survivors. I am kink and non-monogamy aware and queer competent. My approach is systems-oriented, open-minded, and collaborative. I believe relationships shape who we are and are essential to healing and transformation. I will honor your unique story while providing a safe place for you to explore your feelings and identities. Together we will create a relationship that is supportive and holds space for challenge and growth. Let's unpack the shame that's holding you back from finding freedom and authenticity.

Alyssa is currently accepting new clients for individual and couples therapy!

Fee: $120





Between enduring a pandemic, human rights violations, and job/financial strains added onto what is ongoing in our personal lives, this has been a time of high stress. Therapy is a wonderful tool for dealing with stressors we face regularly. I would like to be a support to people dealing with depression, anxiety, and overall distress. We can work together to explore the issues you are facing and how we can best approach them together. Healthy relationships with our family, friends, and support systems throughout our lives inform our ability to cope, process, and can help us grow. Therapy can be an essential part of your support network. I will work to create a safe space by listening with empathy and working with you on issues without judgment. Our cultural identities and socio-economic systems have a great impact on our lives and play a significant role in our mental health. I am enthusiastic about working with people in all kinds of relationship structures, sex workers, people of all sizes, and people of all races, genders, and sexual identities. I am studying counseling psychology at Temple University with a focus on mental health counseling, which includes training in cultural competence. My therapeutic style is person-centered, social justice oriented, and integrative. Reach out with any questions or schedule an intake with me below!

Lauren is currently accepting new clients for individual and couples therapy!

Fee: $50


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