Relationship & Sex Therapist

I believe that finding the best therapist for you is the crucial first step on the journey of growth and self-exploration. I use an eclectic treatment approach to best match your needs and honor your therapy goals. I incorporate humor, narrative therapy, systemic thinking, and social justice in my approach. Building a therapeutic relationship is extremely important to me as I believe that a strong client-therapist connection facilitates the best work. I consider myself to be a warm, empathetic therapist who is both gentle and assertive. I am systemically trained which means I look at the bigger picture and the various systems we all exist within, regardless of the issue. I am queer competent, gender-affirming, pro-sex work, fat-positive, and polyamory & kink knowledgeable,. Overall, I believe judgment has no place in therapy. You are the expert of your own life. 

When I'm not in the office or taking the dogs on adventures, I enjoy taking dance classes, gardening, home projects, reading, listening to podcasts, watching Netflix, and most of all, traveling!




Individual, Relational, & Sex Therapist

Sexual and relational wellness is a healthy part of human existence and you deserve to feel confident in these areas of your life. I enjoy working with individuals and couples on a variety of issues, specifically those who are struggling in their sexual and romantic relationships. I am also experienced in working with sexual assault survivors. I am kink and non-monogamy aware and queer competent. My approach is systems-oriented, open-minded, and collaborative. I believe relationships shape who we are and are essential to healing and transformation. I will honor your unique story while providing a safe place for you to explore your feelings and identities. Together we will create a relationship that is supportive and holds space for challenge and growth. Let's unpack the shame that's holding you back from finding freedom and authenticity.



Bronco is a certified therapy dog who has been a beloved staple of the office setting (back when we were allowed to meet in person!). He is an 8-year-old Australian cattle dog, retired from farm life and a graduate of New Leash on Life. Outside of work, he enjoys belly rubs, car rides, swimming, and cuddling with his dog brother, Russell.


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