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Private Practice Consulting

Let's talk about you + private practice!

I'm so excited you're here! This likely means you're  a therapist who is ready to enter the world of private practice or are looking for guidance as you build on your existing skillset or figure out that one thing about business that just never made sense to you.


Maybe you've decided it's time to leave your role in community mental health because you're burnt out. Maybe you feel ready to break away from a group practice and be your own boss. Maybe you are a new therapist who knows what they want and has prior business experience so why wait. Maybe you are an experienced therapist who previously thought private practice wasn't for you and now you're ready to give it a try. Maybe you're a solo practitioner who understands the basics involved in running a business but wants to grow. Maybe you're a solo private practice owner and your caseload has been full for a while so you want to take your business to the next level by expanding into a group practice or taking interns! Regardless what path you're on, I'm thrilled to help you advance and grow a thriving therapy practice that reflects you and your values.  

Read on to learn more about how we might work together and to see if I'm the best fit for you!

Colby Agostinelli, LMFT, CST


There are many successful therapists who offer support around private practice which is wonderful but can be quite overwhelming. I want you to feel like we are a great match in order to move forward with working together. Your time and money is precious, especially when undertaking such an endeavor as investing in your business. 


If you'd like to read more about my clinical background, you can do so here but for now I want to tell you a bit more about my journey starting and growing my business.  My story starts with how I became a therapist. I was fully set on becoming a surgeon and completed my undergraduate degree in pre-med. I sought nursing certifications to gain hands on experience alongside classes to get an edge for my med school applications. Through working as a nurse I learned a lot about the hierarchical structure of medicine and hospitals and felt pulled away from the part of the work I cared about which was people. I started to question my 10 year plan, medical school and residency was quite an investment. Through this I stumbled upon an MFT program that focused heavily on the clinical aspects of the work  and prepared students for work post grad. The idea of being able to "get out there" after 2 years instead of 7-10 called to me.


I started my private practice immediately upon graduation and never looked back. I finally had the autonomy I was seeking and the freedom to do the work I was excited about and to make space in my life for various roles, both professionally and personally. I loved solo private practice but I began to want more and found it frustrating to have to turn down so many clients once my caseload reached max capacity. I fumbled through a few attempts to address these issues - subletting office space and working in referral structures to that. I eventually opened Philly Couples & Sex Therapy and began hiring employees and bringing on interns who wished to learn and complete their hours in a private practice setting. I now run a private pay,  group practice with full time employees and interns, maintain a small caseload, teach at various graduate programs in the area, and offer private trainings and private practice consultation all while proudly making space to rest, spend ample time with loved ones and engage in my passions outside of work.



Areas of Focus

By no means is this is an exhaustive list, but take a look at some of the topics we can cover in our consultation sessions together. Regardless of where you're at in your process, there is work, exploration, and growth to be done.

Creating your business name and LLC set up

Marketing, networking, and attracting clients you actually want to work with


Getting comfortable with setting and raising your rates 

Apartment Living Room

Designing your one, three, and five year goals. Dream big!

Expansion into Group Practice: employees, contractors, interns, oh my!

Creating, clarifying, or revamping your BRAND

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens next?

Please complete this interest form! Once I have received this I will reach out to schedule a (free) call with you. 

What are your rates?

I feel strongly pro - fee transparency! My hourly rate for coaching is $300 but I do offer discounted packages custom to your needs. We can discuss more in our free discovery call! 

What if I'm not sure I'm ready? 

Thats completely normal and understandable! You don't have to feel ready to get started and there is no obligation to commit to working with me for any length of time. We could do one session together to explore any hesitancy and concerns you're working through. I'm invested in what works for you and if that isn't private practice, that's more than okay and I won't be pressuring you!

What support do you NOT offer?

I am unable to provide legal or tax advice. I also cannot assist with insurance/paneling related needs as my expertise is in private pay structures.

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