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Michelle Song

Michelle Song, M.S.Ed


Not accepting new clients

Who I Am

I am Korean-Canadian, a cis woman, queer, areligious, currently non-disabled, and middle class.  I am sex positive which means I am enthusiastically affirming of kink and BDSM practices, as well as polyamorous and non-monogamous relationships. I am also affirming of queer and trans/nonbinary/gender diverse identities. 


As an intern therapist, I am currently working on my Master’s in Counseling at UPenn. Outside of therapy and school, I enjoy dancing, painting, fashion, making music — really anything creative. I will also go out of my way for good food and concerts.

What I Do

The way I engage with therapy values you as the expert of your story and I am honored to hold space for you. I incorporate person-centered, emotion-focused therapy along with attachment and feminist theories. This means that I believe people are innately built for connection with others and I hope to invite you with empathy, honesty, and compassion as we work together to connect you with your authentic self and support systems. I like to gently challenge and laugh with clients during sessions, and I believe therapy can be most transformative when you feel safe and empowered enough in our therapeutic relationship to be vulnerable. 


I am passionate about embodying intersectional liberation work in my professional and personal life. This can mean exploring how we interact with our identities and systems while still centering your lived experiences. I am invested in supporting clients with navigating their multifaceted and intersectional identities, including gender, sexuality, race, and relationship structures. I especially invite Black and Indigenous folks, people of color, and immigrants who face intergenerational cultural barriers. My social locators inform my experiences and internalized biases, and I am committed to my own continuous self-work and education so that I can provide ethical, trauma-informed care for my clients.


I support people who are experiencing depression, anxiety, relational issues, or identity struggles. I am also interested in working with individuals and couples of all identities who are navigating polyamory, kink/BDSM, and other relationship dynamics. I love to think about how we communicate and how people protect themselves from hurt and trauma. These protective functions, narratives, and behaviors may show up in relationships—including the one with yourself. Together we can work towards awareness, self-compassion, and change that feels right for you.

I work with


Youth/Teens (12+)




Sexuality & gender

Racial & cultural identity


Relational issues





Master of Philosophy in Education, Professional Counseling, University of Pennsylvania (expected graduation May 2023)


Master of Science in Education, Counseling & Mental Health Services, University of Pennsylvania


Languages spoken


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