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Sossity Chiricuzio

Sossity Chiricuzio


Communications Consultant

Who I Am

I am a fat, white, disabled, working class, polyam, kinky, queer, non-binary femme outlaw. I grew up in a house of weirdos that all the other weirdo kids in the area were drawn to, which is an accurate representation of both the culture of my family of origin, and the foundation for my family of choice.

When I’m not working on my own communications projects or those of other people, I can usually be found reading, gardening, creating fiber art, communing with my snake companions, or making art with my partner. I’m also the founder, MC, and prose editor for Dirty Queer, a curated open mic & online journal focused on sex/sexuality/gender. 

You can find out more about me and the work I do at, or on social media @sossitywrites

What I Do

I am pleased to provide a wide range of supporting services for the vital work done by Philly Couples & Sex Therapy. I collaborate on social media content, copy, content and line editing, research, website updates, and graphic design, and contribute administrative support, creative brainstorming, and other digital tasks as needed.


I am a professional writer, editor and educator who applies a social justice and queer theory lens to everything I do. I bring my experience as an activist, advocate, and community health worker to this role. 

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